SMD Priest Training Programs, 2020

Priest Programs

Developed by The Societas Matris Dolorisissimae and Liber Christo for the formation and support of Priests

SMD Priest Training Programs, 2020

The Societas Matris Dolorisissimae (SMD), Fr. Chad Ripperger, Superior, has developed a comprehensive practical training program for Priests seeking practical and functional formation in the ministry of healing, deliverance, and exorcism according to Catholic principles and norms. This program will be offered on a very limited basis in 2020, and consists of two component programs.


Consists of 5 days, Monday through Friday, of instruction from Fr. Ripperger, SMD Superior, the SMD Case Facilitator/Administrator, and a knowledgeable Psychiatric/Psychological professional. This course is designed to instruct and equip the Priest with the knowledge necessary to address cases of suspected extraordinary diabolical activity in a methodical and systematic way in order to properly distinguish and diagnose not only the presence or absence of various diabolical activity as well as classify the severity, but also determine appropriate responses and treatments.

The topics include:

  • Angels, Demons, Demonic Psychology and the structure of authority.
  • Six forms of Diabolical Influence
  • Chapter 3 or Title XII of the 1962 Rituale Romanum
  • Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance
  • Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) Cases and Dissociative Disorder overlay
  • Psychological and Demonic interface and distinguishing features
  • Diocesan Protocols and Procedures
  • Screening, diagnostics, classification, and management of cases
  • Formation and maintenance of lay assistants
  • Each evening is Eutrapelia and informal discussions on the topics of the day


The Practicum program consists of 5 days, Monday through Friday, of attending working sessions with an Exorcist in which the Priest will assist and observe the Exorcist(s) in actual sessions.Generally these days will consist of formal or Solemn Rite sessions in the morning and minor exorcism/deliverance and/or evaluation sessions in the afternoon.

Through this practicum program, the Priest will participate first hand in the ministry of Exorcism as well as aspects of minor exorcism, healing, deliverance, and liberation in strict adherence to Catholic norms.

This type of practicum program with this amount of time, actually engaged in the ministry of deliverance and exorcism, under the instruction of an experienced Exorcist, is not available in the United States in this form or depth of accompanying instruction and time in session(s).


Academic Program; $ 4,000 USD
Practicum Program; $ 3,000 USD

  • Payment is non-refundable and due in full at the time of reservation.
  • A letter of recommendation from your Bishop or Superior is required.
  • Space is limited to 7 Priests per Academic Program.
  • Space is limited to 3 Priests per Practicum Program


Academic Program Dates:
November 2-6

Practicum Program Dates:
November 9-13
November 16-20
December 7-11


Many of you have asked how the SMD program compares to the Regina Apostolorum program, International Association of Exorcists symposiums, various apprentice/mentor programs and the Pope Leo XIII Institute.

The first two are predominantly informational and involve the presentation of various experiences by Exorcists and other presenters. Apprentice and mentor programs are rare and varied but mostly unavailable in the English speaking countries.

The Pope Leo XIII Institute is a two year, four session program which includes many elements and topics which the SMD has found to be extemporaneous to the office and ministry of exorcism without a Practicum portion or standard diocesan protocol and supporting personnel instruction.

The SMD program is sequential and comprehensively covers all topics necessary for the competent discharge of the office and ministry of exorcism. The SMD program is the culmination of years of experience and a very large data set of practical case investigations, case diagnosis/classifications, ongoing case management, and the development of clear, concise, actual procedures and protocols, which follow a medical model developed by the SMD, to effectively address suspected extraordinary diabolical activity.

The Practicum session places the SMD participants in the formal Rite in a observational then secondary supportive role, giving actual practical experience of the Solemn Rite in a controlled and safe environment.

The SMD program of formation is a one time session without a retreat or other activities or subjects not directly related to the Priestly function(s) of exorcism.


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