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Freedom Through Christ

Freedom Through Christ™ (FTC) is part of the Liber Christo protocol, which is a method that follows Catholic liberation practices, focusing on the petitioner’s return to the sacraments and their reconciliation with God the Father. Reconciliation is accomplished through a continuing practice of the Catholic faith built on a monastic foundation of prayer and discipline.

The Freedom Through Christ™ model will show you a Catholic way to fight your daily spiritual battles, help you gain freedom from diabolic oppression, and lead you to the sacraments (especially the sacrament of Penance). It will also give you a positive and proactive way to respond to your call to holiness. The three major aspects of healing to which Jesus attended, as illustrated in the Gospels, are repentance, forgiveness, and expulsion/liberation.

The FTC program will show you how to identify afflicting demons and how they gain entry into your life via sin, trauma, curses, or the occult. The goal is threefold: to teach you how to silence afflicting demons using your existing baptismal powers; how to close those entryways to evil influences; and how to use the power of the sacrament of Penance to gain freedom through Christ. The ultimate goal is salvation; to that end, we will explore the ordinary means of sanctification that can assist you on your spiritual journey. You will learn how participation in the sacraments brings reconciliation with God the Father and, therefore, freedom through Christ.


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