9 Week Parish/Diocese Ministry

Freedom Through Christ

Young David chose five smooth stones for his sling as he entered into battle against the giant, Goliath. With confidence and God’s grace he conquered the enemy. Repentance, forgiveness, renunciation, examination of conscience and confession are the five stones we have chosen as our weapon against satan. Each stone is supported by church teaching and biblical reference.

The goal is not to “just get the devil off our back” but rather to move toward salvation in a safe and grounded method using prayer and the sacraments. This is true freedom through Christ under the protection of Jesus, Mary, our Church and our guardian angels.

  • Be protected by the Church

  • Renounce evil spirits

  • Understand the sacraments

  • Discover blocks to grace

  • Pray with authority

  • Break unholy alliances

  • Live a life of virtue

  • Learn the importance of forgiveness

  • Learn how to maintain your freedom

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