Freedom Through Christ


Many of the Healing and Deliverance ministries available today have been developed with protestant influences and do not follow sound Catholic norms.  Freedom Through Christ™ was developed by a group of Catholic individuals whose goal was to approach liberation from a completely Catholic perspective to include the role of Mary, the Mother of God, and her unique mission in expulsion of the enemy forces; and to clarify and explain the distinction between power and authority.  Freedom Through Christ™ also teaches that in order to reconcile with God, we need to stop sinning and start practicing a corresponding virtue.

Protection of the practitioners is of utmost importance in liberation ministry.  This is where power and authority become paramount. Through the Natural Law, God created the authority structure to which all must yield, even the demons.  Strict adherence to the use of power under proper authority is the hallmark of Freedom Through Christ™.

The Liber Christo method is a non-emotional approach and not merely a “pain management technique” to liberation…focusing on the soul and reparation with God the Father through a return to the sacraments and the Church.

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