2019 Liber Christo Liberation Conference

July 29th - August 2nd

Liber Christo – THE Catholic Approach to Liberation

When:  July 29th – August 2nd

Where:  Renaissance Denver Stapleton

The Societas Matris Dolorisissimae (SMD) or the Society of Our Most Sorrowful Mother, Fr. Chad Ripperger, Superior, is an order of Exorcist Priests providing formation, case evaluation, and consultation to and for Dioceses, Bishops, Exorcists, and Priests in cases of suspected extraordinary diabolical activity.

Fr. Ripperger and Liber Christo, a group of lay faithful who assist Exorcists and their teams across the country, developed a method of Catholic healing and deliverance for use by Dioceses and prayer teams.  This method is highly successful, has a low incidence of recidivism, and is very efficient in identifying and addressing those cases and individuals afflicted by the demonic as well as those cases and individuals whose issues are primarily psychological.

This conference was constructed by Fr. Ripperger, SMD Superior, and his Case Facilitator/Administrator, Mr. Kyle Clement. Fr. Ripperger and Mr. Clement were on the initial curriculum committee and faculty of the Pope Leo XIII Institute. Both Fr. Ripperger and Mr. Clement have been yearly presenters at the Leo XIII Summer Conference since its inception. They have been working together on this diocesan protocol and team formation methodology since the SMD moved to the Archdiocese of Denver, at the invitation of Archbishop Aquila in 2016.

The Liber Christo team invites you to come and learn about Catholic healing and deliverance from some of the nation’s most talented and knowledgeable professionals.  Our conference will have four separate tracks:

  1. Priests
  2. Experienced laity and Deacons
  3. Novice laity and Deacons
  4. Medical and Mental Health Professionals

Track presenters:

Fr. Chad Ripperger, SMD Superior. Renowned international expert on Exorcism and practicing Exorcist averaging over 200 Solemn Exorcism sessions per year.  Featured main session presenter and Priest Track presenter.

Mr. Kyle Clement, Case Facilitator/Administrator, SMD. Exorcism support team and administrative instructor having helped develop and present the Liber Christo protocol to over 25 Dioceses and 270 individual priests.  Secondary main session presenter and Experienced Lay Team & Protocol Track presenter.

Mr. Dan Schneider, PhD candidate (Theology), Case Administrator for Diocese of Las Cruces office of Exorcism and Deliverance. Novice Track Presenter.

Professional Track, moderated by Christin McIntyre, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist. Faculty will include:

  • Patrick DiVietri, PhD. Dr. Patrick J. DiVietri is the Executive Director of the Family Life Institute in Virginia and co-founder of the recently established Institute for Thomistic Psychology. He has been a consultant to the Societa Matris Dolorisissimae and Fr. Ripperger on ongoing cases of extraordinary diabolical activity including possession and is an expert in the psychology of the demonic and the demonic human psychological interface. In addition to his private counseling practice, Dr. DiVietri has authored works and developed seminars on marriage preparation, virtue formation and family roles. He was an adjunct professor at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD; the North American Pontifical College, Rome, Italy; Notre Dame Graduate Institute, Alexandria, VA; and presently at Christendom College, Front Royal, VA. 
        • Academic background and certifications:
      • Ph.D., Humanities, Interdisciplinary, American Commonwealth University, San Diego, CA
      • MA, Family Counseling, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
      • Diplomate, Family Counseling, University of Navarre, Pamplona, Spain
      • Continuing Education, John Paul II Institute, Washington, D.C.
      • Fellow, American Association of Pastoral Counselors
      • American Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) Certified Educator
      • Certified Pastoral Counselor (CPC)
  • During two afternoon sessions of the Healthcare Professional Track, Dr. Divietri will present a program entitled, Rational Psychology and the Nature of the Faculties, which is a brief overview of the nature of man, his cognitive faculties and their acts. The presentation highlights the ontological structure of man and explains the primary cognitive faculties, which include the sensitive faculties (exterior and interior), the intellective faculties (possible intellect, agent intellect and passive intellect) and well as the appetitive faculties (concupiscible and irascible) and the will. An understanding of the application of the nature of the faculties and the process of reason provides a framework in understanding man’s rational powers and their operations. For counselors, being able to see the intricate relationships of how individual perceptions trigger memories which then stimulate an emotional response is essential knowledge. Being able to view how emotional responses affect reasoning and judgement, and ultimately choice and action, is the basis for helping clients change disordered thinking and behavior.
  • Lynne Bissonnette-Pitre, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist. Dr. Bissonnette-Pitre is a featured presenter to the Catholic Medical Association with expertise on the effects of trauma on the brain including dissociation, as well as experience working with victims of satanic ritual abuse. She is the lead author of “To Protect and to Prevent” (the sexual abuse of children), 2006, CMA Press. and “Healthy Families / Safe Children,” a program of sexual abuse prevention coauthored with Bishop Vasa, 2007. She is a guest lecturer at Mt Angel Seminary; Gregorian chant instructor; director of Schola Cantus Angelorum; and Executive Director of the Sacred Liturgy Conference.
  • Continuing Education Units are being applied for under multiple accreditation agencies.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hagenau, Developers of Freedom Through Christ Catechism Tool.  The Hagenaus will present the evening feature track, presenting protocol for teaching and presenting the Freedom Through Christ tool in phase II of the Liber Christo Protocol.

Conference Highlights:

      • Four individual tracks, led by experts to best suit your needs.
      • Archbishop Aquila will celebrate Mass Wednesday evening
      • Participants will be able to collaborate with other teams from across the country in pre-reserved conference rooms each evening.
      • Q&A sessions with Liber Christo team each evening.
      • Participants will leave with duplicatable forms for intake, prayer prescriptions, diagnostics, and releases.
      • Participants will be given all of the tools necessary to establish or enhance a functional protocol in their diocese.

Rules of Engagement:

Attendees are REQUIRED to provide a letter from their Bishop, stating that they are allowed to attend this conference. Exceptions include the following:

      • Any Pope Leo XIII alumni, Priest or Deacon
      • Anyone on a Pope Leo XIII alumni led team with email verification from the Pope Leo XIII alumni
      • Anyone attending with a Priest with email verification from that Priest

Professionals must submit with registration a copy of their current license or a retired license to attend the medical & mental health track.

The Archdiocese of Denver requires a letter of good standing from each priest’s Bishop in order for them to function as a priest in the Archdiocese, (hear confessions, celebrate Mass, etc.).  Please submit this as part of your registration.

Anyone attending who is not on a team or currently assisting an Exorcist should attend the novice track.

Registration Fee:

      • Single rate: $1175.00 per person
        This includes hotel room, breakfast, lunch, and snack each day, Freedom Through Christ companion guide, Liber Christo conference guide, all conference fees, and transportation from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport (provided by Denver Light Rail).
      • Double  rate: $995.00 per person
        This includes hotel room, breakfast, lunch, and snack each day, Freedom Through Christ companion guide, Liber Christo conference guide, all conference fees, and transportation from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport (provided by Denver Light Rail).
      • Commuter rate: $500.00 per person
        This includes breakfast, lunch, and snack each day, Freedom Through Christ companion guide, Liber Christo conference guide, all conference fees.

** Hotel rooms will not be guaranteed until we have received payment and the Bishop’s letter has been received.

  1. Transportation to and from airport on Denver Light Rail is included in your registration fee.
  2. One can stay 3 nights before and 3 nights after the conference for the same discounted price of $135.00 per night.  Payable to Liber Christo – email hagenau@liberchristo.com to arrange payment.
  3. Conference begins at 8 am on Monday.
  4. Conference ends at 12:00 pm on Friday.
  5. Your registration fee includes 5 nights stay from Sunday through Thursday night.

Liber Christo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between deliverance, exorcism, and liberation ministry?

Rather than thinking of “deliverance” and “exorcism” as two entirely separate ministries, LIber Christo sees spiritual affliction as existing on a spectrum, with ordinary temptation on one end, full possession on the other end, and demonic oppression and obsession in between. The term “liberation ministry” encompasses this full spectrum.

How is Liber Christo a “medical model” of liberation ministry?

In a medical model (as in Liber Christo), there is a general practitioner or primary care doctor (the parish priest), all kinds of clinic staff like front desk receptionists, medical assistants, nurses (lay intake coordinators, protocol administrators, mentors), and specialists like surgeons (exorcists). Just like a surgeon has a whole team with him in the OR, an exorcist has a team. And just like people routinely use and benefit from allied health or alternative health providers like physical therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc., which in many cases makes seeing the doctor unnecessary, someone in need of spiritual healing might find relief from a lay prayer ministry, totally separate from a priest or exorcist. The Freedom Through Christ program can be thought of as analogous to physical therapy that might be prescribed before or after surgery, or even used totally separate from a physician. Sometimes physical therapy takes care of the problem, making surgery or even a visit to the primary care doctor unnecessary; sometimes it is just one step in a larger process.

In current medical practice there is great emphasis on “evidence based medicine,” and insurance companies go as far as denying coverage for treatment that is not clearly evidence-based and determined to be effective. The Liber Christo Four Phase Protocol is evidence based in the same way. It is constantly being adjusted in various ways to determine what is most efficacious in addressing all levels of spiritual affliction. The large volume of cases seen by the Societas Matris Dolorossisimae, as well as by multiple exorcists and lay prayer teams across the country who use the protocol, makes it possible to determine quickly what works and what doesn’t. Liber Christo seeks to promote “best practices” in this ministry, for the maximum amount of grace and protection for all involved, along with the minimum amount of retaliation and difficulty.

Who should attend the summer conference? Isn’t it just for exorcists and their teams?

Anyone associated with the ministry of liberation who is open to learning about the Liber Christo protocol and method would be very welcome to attend the summer conference. Because the Liber Christo method encompasses healing the full spectrum of spiritual afflictions, the conference is not just for exorcists and their teams.

What’s the difference between the afternoon Laity and Experienced Laity tracks at the summer conference?

“Experienced” refers to experience specifically with the Liber Christo method. The Laity track will provide detailed explanation of foundational concepts on which the method is based; the Experienced Laity track will not. If you are unsure which track to attend, please contact the Liber Christo team at info@liberchristo.com.

Are Charismatics welcome at the conference? I heard that Fr. Ripperger said he doesn’t have “a Charismatic bone in his body.”

Yes, Charismatics are welcome. Yes, Father Ripperger said that. Accordingly, the summer conference will emphasize traditional forms of prayer and worship, with Mass celebrated daily in both the Extraordinary and Ordinary form, in addition to daily Lauds and Eucharistic Adoration with simple Benediction. Music at Mass will include Gregorian Chant in Latin rather than modern praise and worship songs. It will be beautiful, and if you pay attention to the words you will hear the Holy Spirit invoked constantly.

Catholic charismatic spirituality will be strengthened and purified with a positive systematic approach to working with the demonically afflicted. Liber Christo practices will provide a method to determine if a petitioner is experiencing extraordinary diabolical activity. Often there are psychological issues, ordinary diabolical activity, and/or the effects of a failure to fully incorporate elements of the Catholic faith, which can be misinterpreted as extraordinary diabolical activity. Liber Christo practices will provide means to protect yourself and team from diabolical influence. Liber Christo methods will help everyone involved to better understand and live their faith, which reduces recidivism in the petitioner and retaliation in the practitioner. These methods depend on a functional and healthy mystical body of Christ, and rely heavily on active and ordered participation of the laity.

I ordered the Freedom Through Christ book, but says it’s a Companion Guide. Companion to what? Is there another book?

Currently the only book we have available is the Companion Guide for the Freedom Through Christ program. The Companion Guide can be read on its own, but is intended to be a Companion to the 9 week Parish Program, which includes weekly meetings and DVD presentations (available separately for purchase). More books and other materials are in development – check back soon!

When will a Freedom Through Christ seminar happen in my area?

Good question! We would love it to be as soon as possible, and maybe you can help. At least one local couple is needed to lead the Freedom Through Christ 9-week program in a parish. Training seminars will be held periodically as opportunities arise; check back regularly for more information on upcoming trainings and other events, or contact us at info@liberchristo.com.

I am interested in attending the summer conference but am not formally on a prayer team with or under a priest at this time How can I get a letter from the bishop to attend?

If there is no established liberation ministry in your diocese, you may need to contact your Bishop’s office directly to request a letter in support of your attendance at the conference. If you encounter some particular obstacle in doing this, you are welcome to contact a member of the Liber Christo team for more information (info@liberchristo.com).

SCHEDULE (Monday – Thursday)

6:00am Angelus, Laudes Latin w/schola
They may stay in the Chapel and pray their office until Mass
7:00am Low Mass Latin w/schola (extraordinary form)
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Conference 1 – Fr. Ripperger
10:15-10:45am break
10:45-11:50am Conference 2 – Fr. Ripperger
Noon Angelus in Chapel, Simple Exposition to follow
12:15-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Simple Benediction
2:00pm Tracks 1st session (Priest,Professional,Experienced Laity,Laity)
3:15-3:45pm break
3:45-4:45pm Tracks 2nd session (Priest, Professional, Experienced Laity, Laity)
5:00pm Mass (ordinary form) dismissal includes Angelus and dinner blessing.

7:00 – 8:30 pm Evening Breakouts (4 phase protocol, Freedom Through Christ, case study, Q&A  with Liber Christo couples)

Friday Schedule

6:00am Angelus, Laudes Latin w/schola
They may stay in the Chapel and pray their office until Mass
7:00am Low Mass Latin w/schola (extraordinary form)
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Conference 1 – Fr. Ripperger
10:15-10:45am break
10:45-11:50am Conference 2 – Q&A with Fr. Ripperger, Kyle Clement, Dan Schneider, Dr. Christin McIntyre, Dr. Lynne Bissonnette-Pitre, Dr. Patrick DiVietri and Jean Marie Ganucheau, Craig & Ann Hagenau

Conference Location


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