2020 Annual Liber Christo Conference Q&A Highlights

Liber Christo War College

Familial Power & Authority - June 17, 2020

Jesus 911

Catholic Spiritual Warfare Questions with Kyle Clement - June 15, 2020

The Liber Christo Method

Training Priests, Deacons and Laity in the Ministry of Liberation

The Liber Christo Method of training laity to assist and support exorcists in the ministry of liberation from suspected extraordinary diabolical activity, in both individuals and locales, follows a medical model in which the exorcist is the specialist and the laity serve as,

  • intake personnel
  • nurses
  • triage
  • case administrators
  • support staff

The parish priests of a diocese serve as the general practitioners; all following a diocesan protocol which insures minimal spiritual and temporal risk to both petitioner and diocese.

The Liber Christo method follows Catholic liberation practices which focus on the petitioner’s return to the sacraments and their reconciliation with God the Father through the sacraments of the Church and a continuing practice of the Catholic faith, utilizing a diocesan protocol built on the monastic foundation of prayer and discipline.

Diocesan and Parish Missions, Clergy Conferences, Diocesan and Team Formation

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