Liber Christo Community Response

Liturgy Texts for Triduum

The Liber Christo Method

Training Priests, Deacons and Laity in the Ministry of Liberation

The Liber Christo Method of training laity to assist and support exorcists in the ministry of liberation from suspected extraordinary diabolical activity, in both individuals and locales, follows a medical model in which the exorcist is the specialist and the laity serve as,

  • intake personnel
  • nurses
  • triage
  • case administrators
  • support staff

The parish priests of a diocese serve as the general practitioners; all following a diocesan protocol which insures minimal spiritual and temporal risk to both petitioner and diocese.

The Liber Christo method follows Catholic liberation practices which focus on the petitioner’s return to the sacraments and their reconciliation with God the Father through the sacraments of the Church and a continuing practice of the Catholic faith, utilizing a diocesan protocol built on the monastic foundation of prayer and discipline.

Diocesan and Parish Missions, Clergy Conferences, Diocesan and Team Formation

Second Annual Liber Christo Conference:

December 6th - Day of Reparation

I was listening to WSFI and heard the show with Kyle Clement, calling for a day of reparation and fasting called by exorcists. What a show! Mr. Clement definitely has a clear message for the laity, and I found it very encouraging. Thank you all for having the moral courage to air content that runs very counter to the “feel good” theology of the current time. We know the Church teaches feeling good isn’t a proven path to salvation and abundant life. I will go with Christ’s teachings in the Gospels and with St. Thomas Aquinas over people who try to make up their own feel-good morality as they go along. I spent 14 years in a Baptist Church, so I already saw that movie, and I don’t want to be forced to sit through it now that I am supposed to be safely at home in Mother Church! Thank you again. Semper Fidelis ad Fidem, Ben C”

2019 Liber Christo Conference

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